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    Untain Puzzle Pirates

    I am wonder if anyone would share here on Bot-Supply his method of untainn.

    This year OMs caught me like once in every 2 weeks wich is getting really frustrating.

    I always delete hash.dat,unnintal ypp , delete pref folder(the regedit thing),change mac adress,and use HMA vpn on a different country from the last one

    Maybe they found other ways to catch us "the evaders" and I am wonder if anyone have new method of untain wich can survive more than 2 - 3 weeks without getting caught....

    Thangs alot mates

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    maybe they just ban you for selling? not because you're evading. for me i do all the above but i call my internet provider and change my IP address instead of using a VPN, been surviving for a while now. but to be honest i have been playing with the rules lately.
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    Never understand something.
    I speak with a play on ypp to play heads up poker for 600k+ at lest,both join same table and start playing,i lose 1m and leave because was an unlucky day.
    How can they ban someone for so low proofs,anyone play at poker any cards he when and fold anytime....

    I think that OMs really abuse poker players....

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