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Thread: Alchem Suggestions?

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    Lightbulb Alchem Suggestions?

    I was thinking - because of there being a lack of,or no bots/tools regarding Alchemy of ways to do so,
    the best thing I have come up with although i'm still pretty uncertain about how to do is making a board analyser, that will using picture recognition see the map and plot out the best map - to then manually input the changes (and having the pieces to change being lit of-course)

    i might try to create something, but yeah i'm clueless about something along these lines (goes along with why i joined, to hopefully get better at coding xD - even if it is very hush hush)
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    So basically you want to make an alchemy bot without the mouse movement?

    Try not to rush into coding with the sole focus of making a bot, yes it keeps you focused and motivated, but you won't learn how to program properly and efficiently if that's your Sole purpose. Aim to code anything and everything; Start small and work bigger.
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    yeah i really need to start on something simpler, however it was an idea that came to me;
    in terms of actually being useful, its just another labour puzzle which isn't already covered so something like a board analyser seemed like a reasonable idea
    (considering alchemistry isn't based on speed but rather variation and quantity)

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    yea, i would totally buy a manual alch bot, that would be awesome

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