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Thread: Hidemyass safe servers

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    Hidemyass safe servers

    I was wondering if anyone had any evidence or suspicions on HMA regions/servers that are unsafe to use with YPP. I remember reading somewhere that UK servers were unsafe to use however I can't seem to find where I read it and was hoping someone else could point me to the answer.

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    From what I was told a lot of european servers are tainted. I don't know how true that is though.

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    I can get away with using them pretty easily, I don't exactly stay under the radar either :P
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe each server has quite a few unique IP's. So if you connected to a UK server and your friend connected to the same one, the IP would be slightly different. I don't think YPP is going to ban a whole IP address range (i.e, from what I've heard they only target individual IP's.
    You can never be sure if you are on a tainted IP or not when using a VPN, however the chances of being banned are quite small because there are so many different IP addresses available and you're never always connected to the same one.

    Hope that made some sense.
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    how about run hidemyass over Tor?

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