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Thread: Unlucky.

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    So my friend traded me their fam so i could get a portrait done, I take the portrait and she gets hacked while we're on skype, the person is their Ex-boyfriend who then asks for the fam seeing me with it, then submits a report that i stole it, when they was trying to steal it.. Anyways i get banned for familiar theft < ?

    Technically the familiar belonged to me after the trade, So.. How is it theft if the person willingly traded it to me, and i refused to give it to a hacker? The Ocean masters are stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabbat View Post
    The Ocean masters are stupid.
    dat butthurt

    It sounds like a perfect setup for you to steal the fam. I've heard lots of things saying someone asked to use a fam for a portrait, then fucked off with it. OM's see it alot, to them it looks like same as.

    Doubt it's an ex-boyfriend though.

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    It just sucks when you send in a petition via email with all the proof / evidence they can ever want, and they just reply with Please send us this that and another.. when they clearly have all the information.

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