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    How to sell poe without being caught

    OK so I've spent a long time trying to find way around this any every method so far has its flaws and there is always a chance you will be caught. I have come up with a method that I can say have the lowest ban risk. I'm not saying there is no ban risk but in theory what your doing is stealing but via the rules of the game its actually not stealing.

    Ok so you wont be trading poe. If you want to sell or buy you have to do it in ships. I would suggest frigs for price of around 220k. You need your own crew with only trusted members. When you get your ships trade them to your alt and job in the in crew. It helps if you click create and account but don't save the account. This will speed up the process. When the person is fully joined the crew trade all the frigs to them and delete the pirate/Dont save the account. You have to wait around 5-9 hours and all the deeds to the ships will be in the market tab on the ships. If you then job you poe buyer into the crew as a fleet officer they are by the rules of the game allowed to take all them deeds without any punishment. If you want to be less suspected I suggesting petitioning that your ships have been stolen. There is nothing that the OM's will do but it will cover your tracks. I would find it hard to see how they would be able to trace this. It helps if you use your main pirate or at least a pirate on that account and actually join the crew in advance maybe.

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    I've given my hearty 700k for "safe keepings" and I even did /pay no ban still

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    Its when you do it and look dodgy though

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    I could sell you my method and i've NEVER been banned for real trade trading

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    Doesn' it suffice to just fake a dialogue? Like a beggar vs a rich man, or maybe a collector vs a seller?
    Seller/buyer method: Characters: Buyer: The one buying the poe. Seller: the one selling the poe, obviously.

    Buyer: Obtains a trinket, or something else that people collect and pay various amounts of poe for.
    Then, the buyer goes to an Inn, preferably Lima Inn, then promote that he is selling it.

    Seller: Sends tell to Buyer, telling him to not sell it to anyone else. Then tell him that It's the one trinket he/she has been looking for through their whole piracy career. (or something like that, just make sure you make it sound important, and that you'll want it at any price.

    Buyer: Tell the seller that you are hesitant at selling it at the wrong price.

    Seller: Tell the buyer that he should think about an offer. Then present him for a lower offer than the amount of poe you where initially going to transfer.
    Long story short: Start bargaining!

    Stage the dialogue in a way so that you end up on the correct number, then trade poe for the item.
    A trinket can be bought for 1k, so It really isn't a high price to pay for security. Feel free to comment on my method :-) I've never bought poe, or sold poe, so don't treat me like an expert.

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