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Thread: How do you get a decent standing in Bnav?

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    This did help me i got to master by over maxing by BNAV with the navy but now i will try harder routes on a pillage and see how it goes.

    Quote Originally Posted by ohio2 View Post
    I used to be Ult bnav before I got banned, so here's a few tips:

    - It's easier to score high on bnav if you're on a red (hard) route which will spawn harder (higher might ring) ships. Look at how dark the LP's are on the route, the darker they are, the harder the route is. That being said, you'll need to set your ship to hunting for hard to very hard brigs/barbs. Dnav is also a factor as the higher you score on dnav, the more likely you are to get the ideal yellow-orange spawn for your route that pays well and scores well. Whilst these routes DO pay well, you don't want to dive into them as soon as you start bnav - start on a simple green route and then slowly progress onto the harder routes as you begin to grasp the concept.

    - Bnav is somewhat about recognising patterns. You need to be able to recognise how bots will move in certain situations. This is hard to explain, but here's a guide on the YPP forums that will help you with the pattern recognition: Puzzle Pirates Forums - View Thread - Some bnav tips (This is a very high ult bnavver explaining how bots move).

    - In my experience of bnav, there's only been two things that influence your score: Speed and overmaxing. Maxing a bot under, let's say, 12 turns, will definitely be a high score. Overmaxing, by, let's say 4-5 shots, will also add to that score. I don't really think that you getting maxed in the process (i.e getting a max-max battle under 12 turns) has a huge impact on your score. That being said, you could get Ult on a red route by simply maxing your opponent as fast as you can while trading shots.

    Myself, I got Ultimate bnav at Solid, like a lot of other people I did it without overmaxing. My dnav wasn't amazing and my scores ranged from max-0 to max-3, otherwise I would re-engage and start again. I would not really consider myself a good bnavver (Heck, I get stuck with whirlpools all the time), but I managed to max my bots in a reasonable amount of time without getting shot to pieces.

    I hope this helped anyone.

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