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Thread: Full Pay Blockades

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    Full Pay Blockades

    After the merger there has been a lack of blockades at the pay of 5k or more. Maybe it's just me but I haven't seen any that go all the way up to 9999 when I used to see a hell of a lot when I went on to cade on viridian..

    So do I just have bad timing? Or are 9999 cades becoming rarer.

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    They are quite rarer nowadays it seems, since i have been back the highest iv seen was 6kish

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    9.9k Kades were always rare to be honest, only ever happened when there was a paywar or when new islands were opening and people want it first.

    I don't think you understand how much kades are worth... I believe Riddlemakers and Knockout both spent upwards of 80mil each in the Stormy Fell kade, and thats a lot of money when you think about it :P

    They will become super rare, because they are super expensive... and PP is dying nowadays anyway.
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    ...80mil each...
    4000$ (each) for a virtual Isle, wow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mehfailz x3 View Post
    4000$ (each) for a virtual Isle, wow.
    For a virtual island inhabited by a game of 4-5000 people.

    Man if I had 4 grand I'd buy my self 15 prostitutes for one night, and offer my girlfriend another thousand to join in.

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