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Thread: Lets Stay Un-banned and Untaint Properly ..

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    Lets Stay Un-banned and Untaint Properly ..

    So, im sure we all feel the same way about Ypp dying and sadly the owners of YPP play a big part in this, boils their blood to see you buy PoE from elsewhere where its not benefiting their pockets or even just trying to come back to the game and have a fresh start .. as you will get banned for Ban Evasion sooner or later..

    I know selling PoE and buying it benefits us whether you are making profits or simply saving on the costs of Dubs in game, however the point im trying to get across is that in order for us to keep playing and growing in game, in numbers, stats etc etc we really need to cut down on breaking the "ToS" no im not Hera lmao... unless you are certain that the poe trade your about to do wont get you banned, wont be detected then by all means go ahead with it, buy from certified sellers using certified methods, buy Elite Accounts to trade from etc etc lets not make it easy for them and sadly as shitty as it is we have to somewhat play by their rules to an extent.

    Lastly.. when ban evading i promise you if you do the following you are wasting your time and you will be detected again and banned for Ban evasion:

    1) Not Changing your IP address
    2) Not Changing your Router
    3) Not Changing your Mac address, network card IP address
    4) Not Reinstalling a fresh copy of operating system + clearing your hard drives
    5) USING SAME PAYMENT METHODS TO PURCHASE DUBLOONS (From previously banned accounts, bare in mind a new card still has your personal info on it, your name address etc... use a friends card)
    6) Intense Auto Botting
    7) Not Changing Hardware IDs
    8) Using Same passwords same emails etc etc (Please use common sense they are fkn eager to ban us)
    9) Avoid using VPN's (the ones you pay for, LET ALONE the free ones gosh..)
    10) Try as much as you can to be a "Different" pirate when you evade in the sense that dont make it easy for anyone to spot who you once (previously) was on YPP, this could include many different ingame actions that all can just be added up and based on silly information get you banned.

    Im honestly not trying to say lets just give in, rather lets not give them what they "what seems to be" eagerly want.. which is to kill this game, im sure many of us have nostalgic feelings etc towards this game and simply love being around in game and doing what we do etc etc, would be such a shame to see such a sentimental game die out right infront of us (which has already been happening)... lets try to steer away from making it easy for them to keep banning us all is essentially the point of this post tbh.

    if you read this far thanks for reading and maybe leave a comment below if you agree/disagree or simply have anything to add

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    Also i know this 2d game is not everyone cup o tea, however lets all try to introduce our friends to it (i know it could be embarrassing sometimes but really once you start playing you get a better understanding of the game etc), if grey havens arent going to promote this game enough then maybe just maybe we could in one way or another, one new player by one new player slowly but surely.

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    If they don't see the good in people then neither should you.

    They actively choose the path they are taking with the game and there is nothing you can do about it.
    Its not your battle to fight.

    Even with the low player count people still get banned in huge numbers, whether they spend money on this game or don't break any rules other than evasion. Its no secret that they don't operate the game like a business but rather a Hera powertrip playground. The only reason people untaint (instead of buying a new mainboard + router) is to temporarily play again and to break rules because they never received a second chance. Even if you don't break rules on your evading pirates you'll get banned eventually - possibly with PoE that couldve been RMT'd. They don't care about how genuine you play - they put you in the same bucket.

    They are known for their piss poor business decisions and the player numbers reflect that.
    Stop thinking that poor evading is the reason the game is dying and that you can change the future of the game by giving in.
    Their ban policy, the staff, the money allocation and other business decisions are the reason for the decline.
    Don't blame the players for evading in order to play again.

    Your post sounds like some sort of scuffed reflection and stockholm syndrome, lol.
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