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    Looking for TD Wagers

    Feeling confident?

    Let me know how much youíre willing to wager and letís see if we can make it happen.

    I know most of you are using the public TD bot anyways but thatís okay. Iíll try my luck and see if I can hold my own.

    The rules would be Standard, Turbo, No Holes.

    Matches will be live-streamed on my end upon request.

    Not really looking to waste time with anything under 1M. To tell you the truth, Iíd like to see a match of 5M+

    Edit: However, I would be open to any wager, including items, ships, fams, shoppe deeds, private bots, and even real money (USD @ $20/M)


    Additionally, if youíve got a lot of poe and want to back a winner. Iím offering a 30% return on your money per match. This can be an extremely lucrative opportunity for you to make a lot of poe by doing very little.

    Want to see me play before you back me, we can arrange that. Send me any opponent and Iíll be sure not to disappoint.
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