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    Account Help

    2 problems in a day.. I'm an expert I could say. I have a problem with my 2 accounts.
    I have 1 account made on facebook and I played on it till now and 1 made on puzzle pirates normal site and I'm only stocking the money in it.
    The problem is I logged on both till now without problem , but now no matter with facebook or not , I can log only on the PP created one. The Facebook Account is like lost because i can't find out what password is on Facebook.
    Does anyone have any ideas how could I recieve it back ?

    Edit: I post here because I'd better ask you than the staff , I already had a problem solved here and I don't know how would the PP staff react if heard I have 2 accounts and will ask something about that one which I put money in it..
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    Just email PP im sure they can help you

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