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    Questions for Poker Pros

    Can you share some tips you use for bankroll management?

    I know a lot of people say that you shouldn’t buy into a table unless you can afford 25x the max buyin. That’s a real life strategy though, I was wondering how your strategy changes for in game.

    Some other topics I’m curious about are:

    How you play when multi clienting. Obviously you’re not going to be able to keep tabs on all the players, so I’d assume this style of play is very hand based. As opposed to short hand strategys that are more player and psychology based.

    Do you feel like post flop play is more important in YPP because pre flop tends to be very loose in general?
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    Not a poker pro, but I've played a lot of poker.

    Play to earn money, don't play to have fun. Don't look for reasons to play (recreational), but rather look for reasons to not play.
    At the end its a game of statistical probabilities and you should only play those hands that give you the biggest edge.

    Even the best poker players only win a "few bigblinds" per hour.

    As for YPP, its a donk fiesta and you'll get called off on every street. They will literally put 200k (100BBs) in the pot with hot pile of garbage as long as it has an Ace or will defend their top pair religiously (even if its a pair of Kings with KJ in their hand). Or they toss in 6-10 bigs "just to see another card, because why not, they can hit something".
    Exploit those obvious playstyle patterns and cash out with a mill+ per hour if you multitable.

    That being said, the more bored you get (and the more patient you are), the better.

    Also please don't apply any poker strategy to YPP poker. Tank fold anything thats lower than KQ suited / pockets and then have them pay you off every time. There is no "range", "pot odds" and "implied odds" or anything of that sort. The only thing they can read are pizza roll instructions for the microwave.

    Edit: The player Cairna used to be a professional poker multimillionaire IRL (or super high stakes). Maybe Dan can hook you up with him.
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    If you are a decent player and have atleast 1m you shouldnt worry about bankroll management at all, because you will win most of the time and its so easy to make that 200k even if you are broke. Pro poker players suggest having money for 100 max buyins, but i think there is no need for anything like that in Puzzle Pirates.

    Totally agree with Mehfailz about the donk fiesta. If i needed to describe PP poker in 1 word i would say "random". People do so random stuff at the table, often have no clue what they are doing. You will get lucked much more often because people chase everything, but that is definitely a HUGE advantage for you in long term.

    I believe you aren't a good player since you are asking for tips for YPP poker, so just study poker a bit, atleast some basics, there is a lot of good material to read in the internet. There is no difference between poker you can learn about in internet an PP poker, except the worse players.
    I disagree with Mehfailz a bit, i think pot odds is a thing you should definetly learn, and playing only pockets or KQs+ is kind of boring, too tight. Learn about position and download some preflop hand charts, i think it will pay off.

    Learn to size your bets, loads of people in PP cant do that. Your bet size should adjust to the pot, not what you want or afraid to lose. They often bet 10% of pot and do shit like that. Bet agressive on wet boards if you have something.

    A good way to profit (and extremely easy) is play 200k AOF. It will pay off 100%, just play only AA KK QQ JJ TT AKs and you will profit a lot in long term, people play so much shit hands.

    Remember that people are calling stations in PP so bluff only players you know that are tight.

    P.S Im not a good poker player, but have won very much in Puzzle pirates, not in profit from real money.

    Dont be afraid to be agressive preflop, a lot of people will call with complete shit just to see the flop.
    And yeah, i often play and watch a movie at the same time, there is no big point of trying to read puzzle pirates players, they are too random.

    P.S If you want, i have a list of notes about more than 200 Puzzle Pirates players that i can sell.
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    Don't chase
    Play the odds
    Be confident in your plays don't let other people bully you

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