Hello guys,

I'm new on this forum.

Been playing YPP over the years (with long pauses), and I find myself a SF addict, even my real rank is currently just GM-LEG.

I always found out several players which are on PP just for the SF puzzle. Is that right?

Considering that YPP is about many other things, like piracy & other puzzles + it has very bad TOS - disallowing
a lot of people to play, I thought it would be nice if there would be an external way of playing YPP.

In other words, a new game implementation, in browser (mobile would be so hard to play) - and it should include all SF related things: swords/patterns, tournaments, stats/ranks/top, trophies, wagers, team games, bots.

What do you think about such an idea?

I'm a medior programmer, never been into game development, but I find this idea pretty cool, and maybe with some help, we can have it. Of course, there are few things regarding the mechanix, that I still don't know yet, but with some research I can find out.

My single concern is that maybe this kind of game will not draw the attention of many players (even making it available as a Facebook App), because for many it looks just like a tetris game... and yeah, not interesting...