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    Looking for Tips & Advice.


    Any tip & advice for making lots of PoE?

    I've been playing YPP for about 10 years now but have never earned "a lot". I just recently earned my first 1 million PoE due to me getting super lucky from a greedy chest and got a lobster so I sold it. I like to play poker a lot but I don't see how anyone wins tons at this game. I always lose at it and never really get any good hands.

    My computer is garbage so no multi-accounting or anything to resource intensive. As an explanation of how garbage it is I can probably run YPP for a good 4 hours and without opening any other programs and then have to restart my computer. Rinse repeat. It's an all in one PC. Wasn't my choice but beggars can't be choosers. I can't afford a High-End PC.

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    Sounds like a memory leak.

    Other than that play Poker or use our premium bots to generate money on SMHs.
    Who do you think you are?

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    Learn how to play poker profitably, buy a new computer - it will be a good investment for yer life, multiclient poker.

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