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    Let's talk Weaving

    So I have found weaving to be one of the easiest puzzle to pick up. However after sitting on Leg-GM without any Ult, I am curious as to specific methods to get incredible.

    Usually I get constant excellents with a couple of incredibles, I maintain mostly doubles and triples; and am very interested on improving my skill in this puzzle. It might also benefit other players to learn this puzzle, as there are no obvious bots for it, having a high skill in it makes your pirate look less 'botty'.

    Has anyone found that certain variations of beads tend to drop more frequently than others?

    Are there any tips for the Leg to Ult transition?
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    Get mainly Bingos or Donkeys.

    Keep yer board simple and avoid stacking on the edges at all costs.

    Aim for one high "tower" that acts as your trigger.

    Don't be too greedy and actually break small chains as singles to reorganize (especially to keep stacks low so they don't block yer combos for the rest of yer life).

    With how the scoring works you shouldn't be getting anything else than Increds.
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    I can only get increds sometimes
    But when I do they win comps
    Probably a sign that I'm too greedy for my own good...

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