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    A long rant about untainting methods and other things.


    I'll give a fair warning that what you're going to read may be a bit controversial and opinionated. I hope I'm posting this in the right section.

    I'm somewhat new to this site. I've perused various untaint guides written by different people on staying unbanned. After trial and error and attempting various methods. I've come to realize that most of the guides on this site are more or less bullshit. Many guides will tell you to change your computer name or HWID or use a vpn, others will tell you not to raise your stats quickly and refrain from talking to old friends in the game. ALL of these suggestions are utter bullshit and WILL NOT keep you from getting banned. The only thing that may delay you from getting banned while evading is a good VPN, preferably one that assigns you a static IP address and you'd likely have to pay for that. Otherwise, the one foolproof method is to get a new modem. The MAIN thing that OMs use to ban people is the Modem's unique identifier, usually it's MAC address and IP address amongst a few other things. Changing your IP address will not change the modem's MAC address and you will still get banned if you try to evade. When using a new modem, I did not get banned even though I was playing from the same laptop with the same installation of Windows. No matter how fast you raise your stats or how many of your old friends you talk to (As long as the OMs don't have anything to link your old account to you), you will not get banned if you're playing with a fresh modem. If you really want to evade properly...use your phone's data plan to tether a connection for those of you that have a good/unlimited data plan. If you want to make sure you're evading properly, the first thing you do is you send a petition to the OMs asking some BS question to ensure you will not get banned before wasting time just to get banned later on. The OMs use two softwares to deal with petitions and emails and the like: Zendesk and and an OTRS application. IF you're ban evading from the same IP address or modem as a previously banned pirate. The OM on duty will receive a flag when receiving a petition from you and thus, you can tell if you're in the clear from early on. I guess this is for all the people that keep saying that completely untainted and are displeased when they end up getting banned. The only way to completely untaint is to get a new modem from your ISP and a different IP address. or use your phone's data as a hotspot. If you do either of these things, you WILL NOT get banned unless you're an idiot and you tell people who you are or get caught for breaking another rule.

    Last point. I don't have evidence for this one, but I've a feeling that OMs are beginning to frequent this site more often. And not everyone that sells you poe is who they say they are. I don't think it's wise to buy/sell accounts or buy/sell accounts with poe on them. You can't trust the person selling you the account not to do something stupid and get your computer tainted. There is only one method that I've used for buying/selling that I've never gotten banned doing and it's unlikely anyone on this site is familiar with it. If you're interested in knowing, I can discuss it on Skype rather than post it here outright.

    Sorry for the long rant. You can choose to ignore what I said or continue to use your methods that will result in you getting banned for evasion, but I have proof for many of the claims in what I've written including the applications that OMs use for petitions, emails etc. I can only hope this helps people.

    I'll end by saying that I was able to figure out the real identities of several Oceanmasters in real life, and I made a post about this earlier. I used this to figure out the software by checking publicly available information and then researching that specific software.

    Simsim Out.... perhaps you'll be seeing me on this site more regularly now.

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    I actually do not think any of the OMs are getting paid to chekc this site. If they do it on their free time though then that would conclude they are some sad bored nutcases.
    Nothing that wasnt concluded before tbh.

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    There is a way of untainting that works. Its just not super known to the public
    Who do you think you are?

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    I was getting banned between Once a month and eventually every week. I changeed my router mac and IP then untainted and havent been banned since.....

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    I just got a new email, computer, and moved across the country. Worked for me, haven't been banned since.

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