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    They Finally Caught Me

    I've been botting for a few months now, and someone finally caught on. Not sure if I was reported, but I got banned for "botting".
    I've used:
    Aethyr Rigging
    Dreaming in Sprinkles
    Aethyr was used daily and liberally on auto, most likely what got me banned.
    Dreaming in Sprinkles was only used sometimes, half and half between auto and manual.

    Can anyone help me write a ban appeal? I dont plan on staying down and out, but I'll renounce my botting ways if I can get back.

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    How much is liberally? Did you ever afk bot? afking after a smh or overnighting a navy station can be very hazardous.

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    Was always there when I botted, never afk. Liberally is daily and like hours, never overnighted on navy.

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    It seems it might be Aethyr dude. The reports are piling in lately, purge of 2009 somewhat repeating or something lol

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