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Thread: Paypal security help

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    Paypal security help

    Hey guys, i was just wondering what kind of precautions should i take when selling stuff for virtual goods trough paypal.

    like, what transaction style should i use? (gift, payment, etc...)

    should i have then type something out with the transaction?

    just questions like these:-)

    so basically, whats the best way to secure your online trades on paypal from chargebacks?

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    From the experiences I've had as a consumer, I always write a note that goes with the payment saying "I am buying a virtual Item and I will not chargeback this money." and I either send as a gift, or payment of service or goods.

    I'm not really sure what the best way of doing it is, but thats what I do if I buy something. Maybe try getting in contact with some of the official poe sellers?
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    Always go with the note idea, and get them to send as a gift. Also, record the trade or take screen shots. Keep it saved and you'll never lose if they reclaim.
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    Sorry for the long post:

    Before looking at how to stay safe from frauds using PayPal, you need to understand what sorts of scams there are. The main scam going around is the "unauthorized transaction" scam. Basically, a PayPal account hacker pays you from an account that isn't his. It doesn't matter whether the payment was sent as a gift or not in this case, as the original PayPal account owner can always dispute the transaction claiming it was unauthorized. There is very, very little chance you'd win a case against a PayPal account hacker/original owner.

    Another PayPal scam going around is a "chargeback," which involves a credit card company. In this scam, people simply attach their credit card to their PayPal account & pay you from the credit card-funded PayPal. After doing so, they call up their company and cancel the payment, charging it back from your PayPal balance. To stay safe from this particular scam, you need to make sure you're being paid from a PayPal balance.

    A common misconception is that PayPal gift payments are safe. They are not, at all.

    To stay safe using PayPal, I suggest you try accepting MoneyPaks (though PayPal disallows them for sellers... they eventually catch on). Either way, MoneyPaks are 100% safe at the moment. If you can't use them (they're only available in the US as far as I know), try calling the phone number registered to the buyer's PayPal account to confirm their identity. Get an email from the buyer as well.

    All in all, it's really hard to protect yourself from PayPal frauds. Consider using a different method of payment or only take payments from those that you trust.

    EDIT: To add on to the "how do I protect myself from unauthorized transaction disputes:"
    Having the buyer put any note doesn't help at all. Try to understand that the original owner is going to claim that he got hacked; it doesn't matter if the hacker received whatever virtual goods he was trading for.

    Also, PayPal doesn't protect virtual item sellers. Just saying. All of this information is coming from experience with PayPal.
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