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    Quote Originally Posted by Panda View Post
    Okay. First and foremost...DO NOT play the "I didnt know I couldnt" card. They will call you on your BS straight away. All services are against ToS so definitely do NOT tell the whole truth. You may get lucky, they may chalk it up to beginner;s ignorance but being flat out honest even i read the post where you said you didnt know and laughed. I mean this is Bot Supply, we are all on here for bots stats and poe for the most part. Let's be clear, we all know we are doing sketchy shit in YPPs eyes....
    This is the finest reply i have had in my entire life.

    To be honest, i don't always find myself on botting forums like this for the actual botting and gold selling stuff. I like forums and their community!

    Do you have a skype i can discuss my appeal on with you? I have written it, not yet sent it.
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