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    (VIDEO) Battle Nav Simulator Pvp Project

    Hey everyone. My Battle Nav Multiplayer PVP Simulator is now ready for alpha testing. Please come by and check it out! I've included a video to give you all a glimpse of it!

    • You can take damage from bumping rocks, other player ships, and taking cannon fire.
    • You can loot destroyed ships by sailing over them. You will loot cargo every minute.
    • You can move forward, left, right, fire right/left. No special moves have been added yet.
    • There are whirlpools however their mechanics are still being worked on and didn't want to show them yet.
    • Yes, we are definitely adding sea monster hunts and haunted seas! (In the future)

    Progress Update**
    We have now added AI ships, and our very first expedition: The Queen Anne's Revenge. The aim is to find her and sink her.

    Please leave feedback on this thread!
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    runescape swag.

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    Omg. Looks nice. Although personally I'd work on the turning animations for sure. That would make me definitely want to play this.

    I'd play it now, tbh. But them animations would hurt my eyes if I played too long.

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    Awesome job.. keep it active

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    Thanks! And yeah, we are trying our best to get the turning animations spot on!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Will be posting an update video soon, showing off AI ships and a boss ship!

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    Progress vlog posted. AI ships and our first expedition!

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