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    yo tengo una pergunta

    I bought a new computer less than 1 month, and was banned for Evasion. I use the same fixed ip to 4 years, must Have Been why I was banned.Prometheus Said It Could Not explain the ban -.-. I'll buy the laptop and change my modem and my Internet provider. My question is. If They checking my ip and see que I live in the same city of banned accounts I will be banned again? ------->> (but my ip, ISP, modem are different, but the same city) even just suspect? it is possible that? What are the advice They can give me?

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    Thank you for your patience while we reviewed your case.

    I'm afraid that after careful consideration the ban will not be removed.

    This decision was not made lightly, but we unfortunately cannot justify >>>> ???????????????????????????????????????????
    unbanning your account. As a result of this decision, the appeal for this
    account is closed.

    You may view our Terms of Service at Puzzle Pirates: id="Three_Rings_Terms_of_Service">Three Rings Terms of Service

    Fair winds,

    - Prometheus

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    No they would not just ban you for living in a particular city...

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    Oh ok ty !

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