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    Puzzle Pirates VMs (Y!PP/Botting ready)

    I've got Virtual Machines complete and ready for botting and/or abusing Y!PP in other means. (Like adding to Poker tables)

    Prices are negotiable based on the system specs you want.

    Currently Available: 6
    Operating System: Windows XP Professional (SP3)
    Schedules Available: 12/7 - 24/7

    PM: Click Me!
    Payment Methods: Paypal and/or Emerald PoE
    Payment Packages:
    • 1 Week
    • 1 Month

    Rules: (These are subject to change at anytime, customers will be notified and a refund will be available if you disagree with the new ruling)
    • You are responsible for your own actions.
    • There are no refunds unless there is/was a fault from my side of the deal.
    • You are not allowed to let other people connect to the VM without notifying me first.
    • It may not be used to download or upload large files. Bandwidth will be monitored.
    • Black Hat activity will have your VM deleted on the spot.

    If you want one specifically customized to your needs, you'll have to contact me personally via PM or Skype.

    • I don't use VirtualBox. I use VMWare. Your paying for unique and quality machines.
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    lol why pay for it when you can make one your self?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biff View Post
    lol why pay for it when you can make one your self?
    Some people don't have very powerful computers that they can use to make VMs, nor have the knowledge to create them or follow a guide. My service delivers you the product up to the standard you ordered within literally 5 minutes of contacting me. It's hassle free work that gives good results, and it wont hurt your wallet. They are maintained by myself and all share a very fast connection.

    Not only that but you actually save more than you spend. Think about it. You don't have to pay for the power to keep your computer running for long periods of time, nor for the internet costs.
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    Hey Mann.... My have added you on skype

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