HI, I am a computer programmer currently studying as a penetration tester. I need to improve my coding skills and make some money over the summer months so I had an idea. I am offering to sell personal tools for puzzle pirates. You need to just inbox me requesting what you would like and I will see if I'm able to make it. They will not be bots (Play a puzzle).

Possible Suggestions:
Cit Run teaming tool
Sword fight loop (Fights then recreates table)

When requesting a tool it would help if you could go into as much detail as possible. Even better write the program out in English and I will then be able to convert it to code making sure it does everything you desire without any confusion. The possibilities are endless. Anything that does get sold to anyone would be strapped to a security feature meaning it would only be usable with an activation code and an internet connection. (This is to stop distribution of my work).

Please note you buy the .exe, not the code and updates due to game colour changes will be made on request however please allow time for fixes (Rare but does happen). I also retain the right display my work on my website for future employment. Prices will be discussed privately.

Thank you for reading and I hope I can start producing some good work.