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    Smile Bueno's Bnav Counter

    Hello all,

    To thanks the bot supply community, i have done a Bnav Counter in excel (so no it's NOT automatic)
    What you'll need to do is just to enter values such as how many cbs hit you have done/received, how many times you/your enemy hit rock and how many time you get rammed.

    It will tell you the actual count, the target and tell you when you are maxed.

    Here is a picture bnav.jpg
    How much does it cost ... hum hum, FREE lol it's not a bot, it's just a MANUAL counter

    here is the download link: Click here

    Click on " Validez et tÚlÚchargez le fichier" (means: Accept et download the file / Yes i know it's in french but i'm french XD)

    Enjoy it and tell me if any problem

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    Finally, someone that understands that excell is a much more powerful tool than just enter and label. I haven't, nor will I download it, but thanks ^^
    Keep running,

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    Seems that Everyone now how to count at Bnav XD No feedback , no download so means no need i guess

    Anyway, if you see an error or something please PM me or skype me or answer here

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    no file

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    5 years later... here is a second version online this time ^^
    A walking idiot will go more far than a sitting genious.

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