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Thread: Quiz Bot?

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    Quiz Bot?

    I saw one of my friends had one of these, but he got it off a now-dormant friend who made it for personal use not public release. I think this would be useful for me because I run a weekly SMH so quizzes are useful for jobbers. The basic features of this bot that he had were:
    - Selected from hundreds of questions randomly until the player pressed 'stop' on the bot
    - Player could set how much to /pay when a question was answered correctly
    - Able to detect the right answer and name of pirate either in both chats or can be set to /tells only mode
    - Automatically pays the winner of the question the set amount
    - Keeps a running total so it can announce who answered the most correctly at the end and (optional) awards them the winning prize money (normally 10x per question amount)

    I would make this by myself if no one can be bothered, but if so, could someone direct me to a user-friendly coding program and possibly advise me on how to do this.

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    This would have to be a personal bot. It is very easy to detect speech patterns especially in these forms, whether its PP or a general player. If more than one or two people used it often, you'd be detected. Also on a social level, jobbers love quizzes where a bit of personality is placed into it. You know... some witty banter. I would say it's much less effort and probably more entertaining to just run a quiz instead of making a whole complicated bot to do it for you.

    Either way you'd have to make this yourself or get a close friend to make it and share it between yourselves. This isn't the kind of bot that could be multi-use.

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    Actually, the previous quizbot that he is talking about was approved by OMs. Kind of like commodity trader with bleach. I would recommend inquiring about the legality of it before you make it, but i would assume if it only read chat logs that it would be allowed.

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    I know what quizbot you're talking about and it's a privately made bot approved by the OMs. Those that have it know not to share it around. But let me assure you when it was made many many years ago it was approved by the OMs. It was made for a very active blockading and SMHing flag many years ago.

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    does anyone have a copy of the QuizBot that is aproved by OMs? i see them being used in blockades all the time and i would like one to run flag quizes and for my SMH hunts

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