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Thread: New tool Idea

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    New tool Idea

    I was just sitting here thinking as i was swabbying a ship. What if there was a tool that could cordinate the amount of time it would take to get to that island by the vessel speed and the LPs? Maybe its possible but idk. id pay for something like that.

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    Would take a few hours, you punch in the lps and the tool snapshots the screen, then it spits out an answer instantly.
    Hard part is figuring out how long it takes to get from one lp to the next at each speed level, and getting a picture of each speed level.
    (I'm not doing this, just pointing out the most convenient way to do it)

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    Referring to diagonal leagues. Horizontal are 40% longer:


    Just do the math if yer speed is somewhere between min and max (although it should be at full speed most of the times).
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    I agree its simple but i am not no where near qualified to make it myself xD but i was spitting the idea out there as it could be a useful tool.

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