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Thread: Questions about VMWare

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    Questions about VMWare

    Ive never used a virtual machine before so just a few questions. im looking to use a VM to try out the bots on auto so i wanted to know if the VM runs on a seperate IP and mac to my pc ill be using it on?

    in other words how can i set it up so that if the account using out bots on the vm gets banned it doesnt effect accounts used on my pc

    thanks in advance

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    also what do i download from the vmware site, cant tell which one it is to download

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    I trust you have my skype, but in short, u would need a vpn for the ip, the mac will be different.

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    It runs on the same IP as the computer. It uses a different MAC address. You have to use a VPN like Scola said.

    You probably want VMWare Workstation Player:
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