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Thread: Debugger Bot

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    Debugger Bot

    Seeing all the people lately with basic problems with their bots, so I decided to code a program that will actually fix most of those basic problems.

    Functions :

    - Update Java
    - Update .Net
    - Fix Screensize and turn on 'Extra Help' (For Argos)
    - Fixes .Jar File Association

    If you are still having bugs after there, there is even a button that will grab information valuable to our coders/people who help and put it into a textfile. So all you have to do, is make a thread, copy the information and give detail about what the bots doing. Nice and easy. (Instructions in the bot)

    Link : Debugger

    Would like to mention This Website which coded the program that makes the .Jar file association work.

    If you experience any troubles with the Debugger lemme know :3

    (Kinda was trying to make it idiotproof... Yes you need .Net to run it... and Yes it downloads .Net for you... added that function in because of the chance of BoS being upgraded to 4.5 compatability)

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    Not bad, I would download it but I don't get any errors therefore this comment should be considered spam

    Keep up the good work Scarecrow.
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    This is Great work buddy! i find it funny how you will make a debugger for the debugger lol

    besides that my inferno and bos is working again

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    Bump! Now fixes .Jar file Association (for people with Winrar whose .Jar files have been hijacked.)


    Psst... Sticky... I found the source

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