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    Ultimate/#1 sails, Ultimate/#1 Dnav

    Ultimate 10$
    #1 negotiable (cheaper if you have broad already, novice/able to broad/#1 will be more expensive) 20-30$

    **I can also do token sailing if needed (Pillars, Seals), price to negotiation, kinda cheap, may be even added as a free gift to my service.**
    Ultimate 10$
    #1 25$ if you have broad, 30$ if i'm going from novice/able or negotiated individually

    Required on your character: Ability to swabbie ship, chart (atleast 2lp), 1k poe for swabbie payments // On emerald i can provide this stuff for additional 5$ for the time when i'll be puzzling on the character.

    You don't need to give me your account details (unless its a brand new,empty character and you don't mind doing that) we can go through all the process using virtual machine - Teamviever. Watching is always welcomed

    If you want it done on couple of characters, or both Dnav and sails we can negotiate price to a lower one Feel free to just msg me on:
    Skype: Isell PoesEmerald
    Payment options: Poes on Emerald (1m counts for 20$) Poes on Meri (same), PayPal, Bank Transfer, money on
    For first customers I will do some (individual) discounts!

    I can also "tutor" you on how to sail on Ultimate-#1 level, including tokening, price would be individual and dependant on how complex lessons would be needed, feel free to ask.
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