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Thread: Buying Stats

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    Buying Stats

    I am buying stats, just so my account doesnt look super botted,

    Broad/Master+ Sailing
    Broad/Master+ Bilge
    Broad/Master+ Duty Navigation
    Broad/Master+ Battle Navigation
    Broad/Master+ Treasure haul
    Broad/Master+ SF
    Broad/Master+ Rumble
    Broad/Resp+ Drinking
    Broad/Resp+ Treasure Drop
    Broad/Resp+ Spades
    Broad/Resp+ Hearts
    Broad Poker
    Broad/Resp+ Disilling
    Broad/Master+ Weaving
    Broad/Resp+ Apothecracy
    Broad/Master+ Blacksmithing
    Broad/Master+ Shipwright

    Send me a Pm or Comment your skype if you can do any of these stats. i will pay very well.
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    Sent a PM

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    i could get you blacksmith...bilge and SF mate

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