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Thread: Ultimates.

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    Ultimates I need;

    Gunning (Currently Master) paying 15$
    Carpentry (Currently GM) paying 5$
    Sailing (Currently Able) paying 10$ - Reserved for Darkness
    SF (Currently Master) paying 10$
    Rumble (Currently Proficient) paying 10$
    Navigation (Currently Able) paying 20$
    Patching (Currently Renowned) paying 5$
    Poker / #1 (Currently Able) paying 5$ Ult and 15$ #1 - Done by Darkness

    Leave a reply on the time it would take (per) ultimate, I am paying in $.

    You must be able to do the service on my team viewer as I will not be giving you my accounts password.
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    Hey mate, I can do your gunning Ult for you. PM me for my skype

    (The service will take approximately 20 mins)

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