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    Piracy stats for vouches!

    Hey there, I've decided that i've been here for a long time and not got any vouches so I guess it's time to give a little back.

    The time it takes to achieve these stats will depend on how well equipped you are. Things that increase the time: A sloop with a local IO map onboard (Close to the spawn please) so that I can hyper rank, TH expo maps for TH and so fourth.

    Sailing -> GM
    Rigging -> Legendary
    Carpentry -> GM
    Patching -> GM
    Bilging -> Legendary
    Gunning -> Master
    TH -> GM
    Dnav -> Respected
    Bnav -> Master
    Sf -> GM
    Rumble -> Respected

    The amount of time these take is flexible. I will be using a VPN whilst online on your account and we will discuss best times for me to log on and do them. (This will be a more gradual progress of getting you stats. Although with the right equipment & low experience, 1 stat takes approximately one hour.

    First come first served

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    can you do vouch on my profile? add me on skype tomass616

    need only sails/rigs and carp. on respected or master
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    Both added

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    Can you do SF and Rumble for me please? I'll have PM'd you by the time you read this my skype. Thanks!

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    I'd love it if you could do some for me! I could even make it up to you if you'd like by making you any graphic designs you might want.

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