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    Legendary and Ultimate (DIY lessons)

    I have come across many people who are interested in getting leg or ulti in many of the puzzle pirates stats, but are afraid of paying real life many. Well i have designed a pdf file that will teach you step by step on how to get the stats you want without paying real life money. obviously this will not come free. DON'T WORRY no real life money is needed just poe on puzzle pirates is all i ask for

    Skype me:

    I also do offer getting your stats to Grand-Master + in some of my Favourite Puzzles. Again only poe is required as a payment. A VPN will be used just in case

    However i will not go first as many have tried to scam me before :/ the buyer which is you will go first, Poe first then service. Thats how i Operate..

    So add me skype:

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    send it to a mod and get them to confirm it's all legit.

    I don't advise anyone buy it until then.
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    if anyones wondering.. i added him on skype and asked for a price quote

    he wants 6mil for his pdf and 1 mil per stat

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    lol just youtube the puzzle and see tops puzzling, read the help and you're good lol

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    Totally going to trust a junior member. You need vouches.

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