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    Selling A few stats - Patching, Blacksmithing, Rigging, Bilging and can make customs

    Hey guys, I am now going to start officially selling stats. I am selling the following with extremely cheap prices as I understand that I am fairly new here I will go first if you have vouches but otherwise, as I am new here we can pay in sections (aka able-ult each rank I get 1/8th total pay). I will not need your account details as we can use teamviewer to log me in


    Note these are prices at novice/able, higher experience can be negotiated, the only stats which I bot (3 of them) are listed-

    Ultimate Patching - 150k poe (done entirely manually, can get number 1 for more)

    Ultimate Blacksmithing - 400k ( done using a manual bot but been using it for 2 years on my main and never banned )

    Ultimate Rigging - 150k (done using a bot but, once again been using the bot for ages xD )

    Ultimate Bilging - 150k (done using a bot but been using it for ages <3)

    Up to Legendary Swordfighting - 80k for leg (got number 1 on my main but don't always hold Ultimate anymore)

    Up to Grandmaster Sailing - 100k for GM ( Ult on my main but don't touch it on my main anymore l0l)

    Up to Grandmaster Dnav - 180k

    Up to Legendary Weaving - 230k ( One of the best (and few) ultimates in the ocean at weaving but the gap between leg and ult takes ages -.-)

    My prices are VERY cheap and I am one of the few who accepts poe Please add me on Skype vidp_Nexuss to discuss details I hope to build up some vouches and gain trust in the community Thanks guys

    Note that obviously for puzzles such as blacksmithing I don't have to get you ult, if you only want Grand Master for example, it will be much cheaper obviously than ultimate
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    Bump - done 2 people so far Been a pleasure, looking for more!

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    No carpentry?

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    Do you Mem for people :P? cuz I want to mem a route

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    Depends on how many leagues and cost I guess... how much would you pay and what distance is it?

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