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    #1 Gunning [scripted]

    I'm selling #1 Gunning, through a script I've acquired and fixed up a little.

    What I offer: #1 Gunning, takes roughly 1-2 hrs.
    Any ocean.

    How much: $15

    I've gotten #1 Gunning all oceans on several different pirates/accounts. Never banned.
    This being said, there is still the risk there associated with any bot.

    All work done on an untainted computer with vpn and over teamviewer.

    Leave your skype name or send me a message if interested.

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    What script is it and how can you guarantee that we won't be banned for using your service?
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    It is a scar script, works pretty much the same as BoS.
    As I said the risk is there, but I've not been banned before and have used it for a fair while now, on multiple pirates/accounts.

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    Video of you using it? Could just get on someones computer and use the old scar script with no mouse movement.

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