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    Talking Ill do stats for HMA share

    Hey there!

    I was previously banned on an account and have a few unbanned accounts I want to sell. Well sadly I don't want the customer to get banned due to my faulty so this is why I am here now. To do any of the following stats for HMA share. Dosen't matter if its llifetime or monthly. Just want to start gaining some actual stats on my own accounts, sublime etc.

    Will need IO Map, 2-5k in booty for swabbying etc and maps, sloop.

    With these i can achieve-

    Ultimaye Bilge
    Ultimate Patch
    Ultimate Rigging
    Ultimate Guns

    Ultimate Swordfight
    Ultimate Rumble
    Ultimate Narrow+ Poker (Need 10-15k and luck..)


    For me to do your stats you will have to trust me to use the HMA while doing it,if needed I will call you the whole time I am doingstats. That i how seriose I am.

    Once I find someone who has lifetime I will ask one of the lovely moderators to /rainbow this thread.

    Skype- logo_it_101

    *The only way I can get to you properaly is througj skype we can even call one another if liked best. Whichever.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Yes Rigs and Bilge Will Be Partially Botted.

    I will fully untaint us once completed. And you will never ever know me, because we never did know each other..
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