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    Selling Ults and Legs Gms 4 poes

    I will be selling Ults/ Legs and Gms For the Following Puzzles for Poe.

    Ult TD(Will be hyperanked to leg then played for ult) 75k

    Leg Patching-Ult depending on the weather for me ha! (Must Have Ship/Badge/IO)Will take a while as I am using mousepad aha!2-3hrs.

    Gm Gunning 60k

    Hyperanked Rumble/Swordfight/Drinking/ even Leg Td if you don't want to pay for ult. Each of these will be 50k Ea.

    For trading the poe I must see a screen share of poe amount. Payment will be half half and Tournied.

    Add my skype tradingeme4cerulean

    I accept Only Emerald or Dubs.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Wanting Orders To Come Quickly why prices are so low.
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