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    puzzle stats

    raising peoples stats the legit way for POE: currently offering

    Rigging-Leg/Ult - 300k/350k
    Bilging- Leg/Ult- 150k.200k
    Carpentay- GM/Leg -100k/150k
    SF -Leg/Ult - 200k/250k
    Rumble -GM/Leg - 100k/150k
    blacksmith-Leg/Ult 200k/250k
    gunning- master-100k (can try for higher but can definitely get master)
    Shipwrightery-Leg/Ult -200k/300k
    TH- Leg/Ult 50k/100k

    and a few others.
    PM me for details and my skype name.

    I let the customer login using TeamViewer so i never have the password to their account and they are welcome to spectate me while i raise their stats. and i use VM for total safety
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