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    Ultimate SF. Must have Parlour badge + Falchion.

    Hello guys.

    I'm a #1 Sfer and I will be providing ultimate SF rank for you.
    Service will be cheaper depending on your Swordfight experience stat.
    Solid experience and above will cost a little bit more.
    I will provide service free of charge for the first 3 people to get a few vouches.

    Cost will either be $ paypal or PoE in game.
    Stat will be provided using TeamViewer.

    Must have parlour badge and Falchion.

    PM me for Skype info.

    Cheers, have a good day.

    Mods feel free to PM and verify my service.

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    It took him 4-5 days to get me to Legendary to which he couldn't keep it. Constantly went down to Grand-Master, lost to a lot of people. He won me a lot of poe, and then the next day lost over 200k. He then proceeds to disappear. He messages me back saying that he has been busy, and will get back to me soon. Then, he used ABSOLUTELY NO security measures, and proceeds to get me PERMA-BANNED. I fought back, repealed it, and after 2 weeks I got unbanned.

    This man is NOT Ultimate Material SwordFighting, he is a scammer, took his 100k for Swordfighting, begged me for 1/2 of the money he won in wages for Swordfighting, and then logged back on and lost it over 200k, got me banned, and had no interest in really getting me Ultimate. He advertised that he has top ranks in Swordfighting on every Ocean, but how many games he lost proved otherwise, he is very unprofessional, and literally has only interest in obtaining poe for himself. He doesn't take any measures to make sure you don't get banned. Took his Poe and ran. He got me out over 300k, left me banned, and I won't be getting the poe back or obtaining my service. He completely fucked me. I almost COMPLETELY lost my account.


    I have pictures to prove it if anyone is thinking about using his services. This man is not worth your time, don't give him a chance like I did. He advertised the first 3 people would be FREE, and I just wanted Ultimate Swordfighting and to give this man a vouch. It was the first service I ever have received on this website, and because of this guy I will probably never get one again. DO NOT TRUST.
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    Write a proper report in the "Report a Member" section.
    Who do you think you are?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mehfailz x3 View Post
    Write a proper report in the "Report a Member" section.
    Oh I'm sorry. I don't use services from other people so I wasn't aware that even existed. I'll get on it though.

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