Yeah so I just got my new computer so I started playing again. I'm hoping to be doing all of the same services I once did a few years ago, but for now im only putting in what i'm completely sure I can do.


Legendary ~ $5
GM ~ $4
Renowned ~ $3
Master ~ Free, will be used for " proof " that im not a scammer since ive been dormant for awhile.

Again guys, its pretty bland, but i just started getting into this game like, 3 days ago, and tbh its the only thing ive worked on so far. My skype name would pretty heavily give out the name of my pirate ( didnt really think it through when i made the pirate.. ) but feel free to post on this thread or send me a PM if youre interested in anything

Will be updating every time I get a substantial rank in any puzzle, and adding ultimate as soon as I can to gunning.

Thanks guys!