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    #1 SF, #1 BNav, Ult Sail, Ult Carp

    I would like to purchase all 4 of these, my current stats are:

    SF: Broad/Legendary
    BNav: Novice/Able
    Sail: Neophyte/Able
    Carp: Novice/Able

    I'm willing to pay either PoE or use Paypal. Vouches are required, as I don't plan to watch this the entire time. For SFing, Alt Bashing is not an option, legit only please. PM me if you can supply any of these services and I will reply as fast as possible.

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    Not many people can get #1 Swordfighting, with me in there way anymore... Alt bashing destroys any legitimate swordfighters out there, they can rarely make #2 or #3. Alt Bashing would have to be your 1 and only option for it lol.
    I ask again... why in gods name is everyone so scared of alt bashing?!?!?!, i have over 50alts, with Narrow/GM or above in SF and Rumble, in addition ive made 8 people Ultimate in both, and 5 people #1 in both... Why am i not banned yet? Stop being freaked out about it lol.

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    I can Carp for you PM me

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    I can get number 1 SFing, with Voldemort let alone Harry potter in the way , PM me.

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