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Thread: Emerald poes!

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    Emerald poes!

    My Poe shop is currently _OPEN_
    Stock: 1.5 mil
    I sell poe at the following rates:

    3.5 $ / 100k

    16 $ / 500k

    30 $ / 1 mil

    Poe will be transferred using the safest methods. No one has yet gotten banned for PoE selling, however there are still no refunds.
    You agree to the Terms and Conditions when trading with me:

    1. You will leave a vouch after the trade.
    2. Payments are in USD via paypal, you will attach a note to the payment otherwise the payment is returned.
    3. I will only go first to trusted members, if you're not willing to go first we will use a trusted middleman.
    4. You will send me a PM on bot-supply if you're adding me on Skype.
    5. Not held responsible for any bans after the trade.
    6. No refunds.

    Any moderator can feel free to ask for verification of the PoE.


    (if you can't find me on then search for
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    Bump got more stock!

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