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    Trading Robux(Roblox) for Puzzle pirates Poe

    I am not a verified member so expect the intervals to be very small(Whatever you are comfortable with). I have a Decent bit of Roblox; my Roblox username is Lurtes. My Puzzle pirates IGN is modzezima. I play on both Dubloon Oceans, only on Dubloon Oceans. (Emerald, Meridian)

    The rate I ask is 50,000 poe for 500 Robux. This number will change, but that is what I start out with. You must be a builder on Roblox to sell items, so make sure you are. We will exchange at a smaller interval, that amount concretes all trade rates.
    I need Poe on PP, and if you are interested in gettting a decent bit of Roblox, contact me here and on PP. I will respond shortly, thanks!

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    Please do not post In-game names on this forum.

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    best way to get banned =]

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