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Thread: Emerald poe.

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    Emerald poe.

    Selling Emerald poe

    I am selling Emerald poe at the rate of 35$/m & 4$/100k, I will not go first and you will follow all of my instructions, I will require you to send the money via paypal and send it to family / friend as a gift with a customized note added onto it, after purchasing and receiving your poe you must agree to vouch for me on my official vouch thread as a trusted seller.

    Buying Emerald poe

    I am also buying poe at the rate of 30$/m, with buying I will only go first if you have more vouches then me, and I will follow all of your demands and instructions as I would expect, once the transaction is over you must agree to vouch for me as a trusted buyer.

    Current stock: Out of stock

    Skype; aaron_hargreaves
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    i added you on skype luay.saida

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    Looking to buy 3M+ send me a message and we can further discuss prices.

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