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    Want to sell your poe 100% secure and for more $$? Click

    My name is Paul and im going to be straightforward. I know how difficult it is these days to sell poe 100% secure for higher profits. If you're just starting out selling or, if you do so on small increments it can be very difficult. Getting customers? even harder. So this is where i step in. I have been selling poe and other services for different games over the years, and have the client base, experience and trust of the community. What i can do is sell your poe at a higher price then you're selling it at, discretely and fast, in return you get more money then you usually get, a vouch, and more experience in trades. I take a small fee, but this fee will keep you at a profit at or at an increase of what you were making before becoming a partner. This fee while also making this beneficial to me, will also serve to pay the fees of the several new avenues we will be going around to sell poe, including a better forum page, dedicated irc channel, and dedicated skype group. All this to make searching for a customer, easier, cleaner, and more trustworthy. Working with me is easy. Please just take a second to add my skype, and make sure to write that you're wishing to partner.

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    You should use this gif when telling people your name.
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    Haha! My name is Paul!

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