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    Selling Emerald poe $30/1m, $3.50/100k. Currently 7m stock.

    Hey guys, I'm a new seller. At the moment I am only accepting payment via skrill so please ensure you have a skrill account.

    I am willing to offer 20% off to the first two trades in return for feedback as this will go a long way in building customer trust.
    This discount applies to up to 1m. I am also willing to do multiple transactions (e.g. 5 lots of $6 payments in return for 5 lots of 200k for an order of 1m)
    if you are uncomfortable with paying the full sum of money upfront.

    Narrow poker and 200k to buy in is a must in order to protect your account, I could transfer the initial poe to your account but that
    will increase risk. You must be a trustworthy buyer.

    send me a pm.

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    Added you.

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    I would like to verify this, when you get the chance you could pop me your skype info either here or in a PM ?

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    Sorry guys I just secured a deal with goldcoin and will be selling all my poe to him as I will have a large reserve once I sell all my PP items (I'm quitting) and it is a lot more convenient for me.

    I talked to another seller about how to protect both my and potential buyers accounts and it seemed quite complicated, I'd feel
    pretty bad if I got anyone banned.

    If I change my mind and decide to sell some stock to other buyers Ill let you guys know.
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