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    Buying 1 million on Emerald

    Just like the title says Buying one million on emerald. Send me a message with your skype info and your price. I will only go first for verified sellers. I will agree to a middle man as long as they are trusted. If your not verified or using a middle man you must be willing to go first. Will possibly use whoever the seller is in the near future. Going to be needing quite a lot of poe soon. I have just come back to this scene after a weird patch of problems in the last year I have been lurking but not posting or talking to any of the people I used to not going into it any further. My skype is still the same though if you want to add me its (dj-redemption) The one in las vegas nevada. My point is I know a lot of people either forgot who I am or never met me ( the community changes a lot ) Anyways I will be willing to use a trusted middle man or a verified seller of bot supply other than that you must go first.

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    Good day Redemption,

    I see your looking for a trusted seller to deal with so here is my thread you can verify me here and also browse through my vouches:

    I've sold a ton of poe over the the months and still going strong so check me out.



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    My skype is : mmooaazz
    Here is my vouch page

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