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    Buying emerald poe

    Buying emerald looking for those vouches. Got vouches i got money you got poe i got a deal. :3 pm me or leave skype below

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    First time using this website, I used to sell my poe on buypoe a few years ago. Anyways, leave your skype, I know it's going to sound odd but I can't remember my username of my skype and it's on auto log in. I have no clue how to log out because I'm using the windows 8 skype and well, windows 8 is stupid in general lol. I'm sure we could work out a deal .

    Also, even though I don't have vouches on this website (obviously, I've never sold poe on this site), I won't go first but we could do 50k at a time if you truly feel insecure (which is understandable).

    Anyways, if you leave me your skype, I will contact you then.

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