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    Selling POE Exstremely cheap! SAFE AND EFFECTIVE SELLER

    Selling 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k

    10k 0.50c

    10,000 pieces of eight = $.50cents

    25k $1.0

    25,000 pieces of eight = $1.0

    50k $2.00

    50,000 pieces of eight = $2.00

    100k $4.00

    100,000 pieces of eight = $4.00

    These will be the only amounts available for awhile, also I will only give away as much as I think we are capabile of doing without getting banned, so newer costumers and stuff will be limited depending on how things go, also i know alot of you are going to say u can buy 100k for 3$ or what ever but My service is 100% safe and effective. no scamms no nothing

    Paypal only.... You will send it as a gift with the message I tell you too put.. if not I will just refund it...

    If you don't like my services or don't cares for them well i don't care im just doing it to help the people out with less money,...


    Please request to see me message on the forums or something if you need proof its me and make sure you do!

    I will not go first unless you seem some what deem able by the community some how. Or you go through a verification process I deem worthy.

    Orders completed:1

    Gold Sold:10,000

    skype: buypoeaio

    Ive made a new Skype that I will only add trusted sellers and buyers too. This should stop the confusion their is no more. jjkay I will use that for personal use with friends, and for business my new Skype is:BuyPoeAio I also suggest you should also record everything, ask to see the money, prove identity via pm, or even using a mod or something for middle man. Because proper proof is needed and I allways make sure i record 24/7 so if anything happens.
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    was real kind and quick ty mate. Vouch+

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    Thanks DosBorne, He went first was smooth. Thanks!

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