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    Selling POE $5/100k [Paypal only]

    Meridian Poe Seller

    Price: $5/100k

    Current Avaible POE: 2m

    All NEW Customer have a 200k MAXIMUM purchase for first time buyers. Your limit is raised to 500k after your first purchase. and 1m after your second purchase.

    You will go first (no exception)

    Contact: Bot-Supply PM & MSN ( )

    Meridian Ocean Preferably
    (If you order from Emerald you will not receive 100% of the PoE you purchased due to transfer fees)

    Why Trust Me?
    Here my Vouch for Recent Trades:::

    Please fill out the following form and I will contact you as soon as possible!!

    Amount of PoE:
    MSN/Contact Info:

    I Accect:
    Paypal (Oversea) -- Paypal Tax will be cover by Buyer
    POSB (Singapore Local)

    While Stock Last !!

    Ahoy! ,
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    Ups for sale !

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