I wanna buy PoE on PuZZLE pIRATE ( SERVER EMerald )

i trade for my LoL Account ( if anyone interested ) :
Server : EUNE
Ranked Div: Gold 3
CHAMP: ALL ( Without Caitlyn and Kog'Maw )
Skin : 70 skins ( i also have pulsefire and spirit guard, forecast janna )
SKype : vlad.mihai30 ( add me and PM if you are interested ) or post here your offer.

Reasons why i sell that account : I don;t have enough time ( in PP i can leave when i want but in LoL I CAN't if i am in game )
Toxic People + too many troll

P.S.: YOU CAN SEND FOR FREE TO EUW !! ... + i have like 3500 IP